Top 17 Basic Seo Tips For Blogs and Websites.

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Hello friends, these day search engine optimisation(seo) has become an important part for the growth of blog or website, thus in this article i will share 21 basic seo tips which each blogger or website owner can easily implement and should implement for ranking higher in search engines.


1.)Write seo friendly, quality, informative and unique content which is shared by people, loved by google. Remember the more the unique content the better the rankings.

2.)Post length matters a lot these days, with the ongoing competition and search engine penalty's make sure your blog post is of decent length ie atleast 400 words and above to make sure your website content is easily indexed and rank higher in search engines and not considered as spammy.

3.)Keyword Usage, using keywords in your blog post can help you drive traffic, use the right keyword required in the blog post, intentionally adding loads of keywords to your blog post is not going to help you. Make sure your blog post maintains the keyword density of 2%, ie for every 100 words only 2 keywords are used in your blog post. Excess usage of keywords in a blog post can have a negative effect on your blog in the search engines.

4.)Update Your Blog frequently, maybe daily or twice or thrice a week according to your convenience, follow a schedule while updating you blog.

5.)Do Guest Posting, guest posting helps you to get yourself a identity among many other bloggers, it can help you interact with other bloggers, build quality backlinks and drive traffic to your blog. Therefore guest posting can help you to improve your seo score ie rank better in search engines.

6.)Have A Decent Layout Of Your Blog. A nice, clean, easy to use ie user friendly layout will help you keep your visitors busy, interested, and keep coming. While on the other hand a bad, spammy outlook, outgoing links to spammy sites or a website or blog with loads of ads may annoy your users and they would never like to visit your site again. Thus a decent outlook can help you build traffic, visitors and subscribers.

7.)A Top-Level-Domain is required these days to rank better in search engines, a top-level-domain comes with lots of benefits, it represents you, your blog, and your identity and even your work.

8.)Use google webmasters completely, which can help you better your search engines rankings, firstly you may target your audience to a  specific geographical location wherever you want, secondly you may fetch your each post and submit it to index. This is one of the fastest and better ways for submitting your content to search engines. 

9.)Share your blog post on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, reddit, pinterest, stumbleupon and digg. 
These can bring loads of traffic to your blog if used correctly.

10.)Blog commenting  can help you rank better in search engines, make sure you leave relevant comments on relevant blogs of your niche, make sure your comment stands out of other commenters, this always helps in driving traffic to your blog.

11)Make sure you are up with meta description, meta tags and everything that can better your search engine rankings.
Use keywords in description and tags, this too can better the seo score.

12)Optimise your website for fast page loading time, make sure your blog loads very quickly, the quicker your blog loads the better your rankings. Remove the unwanted scripts from your blog which indeed will help you to better the page speed.

13.)Make backlinks, make sure your blog have some quality sites that are pointing towards your site, to better the backlink work build few quality backlinks rather than loads of low quality backlinks. Remember building backlinks quickly can force you face a google penalty, thus build some links with time and make sure they are relevant. Also interlinking your blog post can help in serp and help build traffic. The best way to build backlinks is by blog commenting.

14.)Say no to extreme outlinking, ie provide outgoing links wherever necessary, too many outgoing links can have a negative impact on search engines.

15.)Create a sitemap and submit it to google webmasters.

16.) Optimise Images For Your Blog, image optimisation plays an important role these days, it can help drive traffic and also affect search engine rankings.Make sure your images are having a proper title and alt tag.

17.) Dont overdo seo, Always remember seo isnt a weekend work, it has to be consistent and goes along with time.Remember not to use black hat seo techniques, they may look interesting, but work only for short periods, to be successful in long run do practise white hat seo techniques as mentioned above.

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Social Networking Sites That Can Get Instant Traffic To Your New Blog

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Hello friends, today we will discuss how you drive traffic to blog with your new blog post. You will get loads of post on the internet providing you with long list of social media websites to get traffic to your blog, but seriously that's not going to help you or your blog.

The Truth

The truth behind social networking sites is that most of them will not work for your new blog, as most of these sites require you to have heavy likes, followers ie you should have a built audience that can grab information about your blog, being a new blogger you will be disappointed. 

So, how can one use social media to drive traffic to new blog

Using facebook is a big problem for new bloggers, everyone thinks getting loads of likes on facebook page is going to help them to get traffic to your blog, to some instant thats correct but not easy and quick. For faster and instant results 
  1. Share your blog with your friends.
  2. Comment and provide links on relevant pages, comment and provide links on your competitor's page, using competitors page to provide links to your website is one of the coolest way to drive traffic to your blog. But remember to keep the title a bit interesting & eye catchy.
  3. Do comment on relevant groups out their, groups can provide instant traffic.

Yipee!! My favorite social networking site to drive traffic to my blog is reddit.  I am telling you, if you are not using reddit you are missing out on traffic. Just simply submit your blog post url and you will instant start getting quality traffic to your blog. 

Points to remember while using reddit
  1. The more the quality content, the more the visitors.
  2. Poor/Spammy content can cause a ban on your account. 
  3. You will be getting Karma, that would indicate how much good user has done for the reddit community. The best way to gain Karmas is to submit links other people would like to vote.
  4. Use the site with good intentions, not only to share your content  but share & appreciate others content too.
Here's the submission link

Well another great social networking site to drive traffic to your blog, if your blog is having loads of pictures, pinterest can help you drive traffic to your blog and build followers.

Best Ways To Grow On Pinterest

  1. Completely Optimise Your Profile
  2. Follow Influential Pinners

Another very good site for submission of your content, the key to success here too is fresh, unique and quality content.
Do remember to interact with other persons and stumble others content, stumbling your own content is not going to help you.   Submission link  for StumbleUpon.

Another very good site for content submission, quality really matters here, if you are able to reach the first page of digg then you are surely getting viral.
To get some visitors to your blog, start following influential diggers.

Submission link for digg.

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Different Ways To Earn Without Google Adsense.

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Hello friends, difficult times have arrived as google is banning adsense account of many bloggers, thus it becomes a hard task  for every blogger to keep up his/her blogging spirits high. So in this article we will discuss various different ways of earning without google adsense.

1.) Look For Alternatives-

Well to be honest, alternatives to google adsense are present but there is no one that can be like the big 'G'. After all adsense offers the best possible value to money to  a small blogger, a website owner, a owner of group of websites, or a recognised brand.  But still there are alternatives availible to Google Adsense

  • Tribal Fusion
  • ( suits may but did not worked for me)
  • Fidelity Media ( I have not tried but people are showing great interest.)

These are a few pick of  them you may see for yourself.

2.) Try Affiliate Marketing

To be honest with the readers, people have a lot of success in affiliate marketing. Its not easy but still if you get into affiliate marketing you are going to earn good money. 

3.) Sell Your Own Products Or Services

If you are able to provide your own services or products you can make loads of cash.
Dont worry if you are not providing services or products, you may provide few basic services like wordpress installation or even can create E-Books and sell them for some decent amount. Do make sure your products or services are upto the mark and maintain high standard. This would help you maximize sales and earnings.

4.)Sell Ad Space On Your Website - Direct Advertising

This is too a good option, if you banned by adsense you can sell ad space on website as per your desired rates. This can be done by making a Advertising page at your blog or by getting your blog approved to some of famous websites where one can easily find advertisers.


5.)Write Sponsored Post 

Writing sponsored post can be one of the cool ways to earn money online, setup your rates, ask for a review copy of the product and write a honest review.

For further assistance visit
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Websites With Google Page Rank 10

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Friends, lets have a look at the websites which are having a Google Page Rank 10.

1.) - 

Starting with addthis , this website offers beautiful social sharing widgets, buttons that can be easily encrypted to your website or blog, these widgets help you to get more traffic and website followers.    
This website has an alexa ranking of 181.

2.), also known as the sms of internet , is one of the largest social networking website currently present.
The site was launched in 2006, and by 2012 the site registered 500 million registered users. The users send and read short 140 character text messages called tweets.
This website has an alexa rank of 009.

 One of the finest and free pdf reader, that we all are aware of, it lets us read, print and interact with virtually any type of pdf file. To sum up in short it is the global standard for reliably viewing, printing and commenting on PDF documents.
This website has an alexa rank of 079.

Adobe flash player is a freeware software for viewing multimedia, executing rich internet applications, streaming audio and video, content created on adobe flash platform.
Thus, overall it is the standard for delivering high impact, rich web content.
This website has a alexa rank of 079. 

EUA formed in 2001, is the large and comprehensive organisation representing universities in Europe. Over 17 million students are enrolled at the EUA member universities.
This website has an alexa rank of 521,930.

The White House is the official residence and workplace of the president  of the United States, located in Washington, D.C. The website is owned by the government and was built in 1994, it contains information regarding the american history and daily current new related to the president.
This website has an alexa rank of 3,022

7.)United States Government
This website offers information about the various services and information offered by the government of united states, moreover information about government agencies and elected officials is too provided. 
This website has an alexa rank of  6,389,923

8.)Universitas 21 
It is an international collection or network of universities, that are established as an international  reference point and resource for betterment of global significance.
This website has an alexa rank of 569,247

9.)The European Library
This Website is designed to meet the need of the research  community all over the world, they offer easy access to the collections of the 48 National libraries of Europe and leading European research libraries. Here users can reuse billions of digital items and bibliographic records.
This website has an alexa rank of  364,470

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Top 10 Tips To Increase Alexa Ranking of Your Blog Or Website

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Yes You Can Increase Alexa Rank. But firstly let us discuss few questions about alexa rankings.

What is an alexa rank??

Alexa Rank is a rank which is given to your website when compared to almost all the website , this rank is provided by Its the rough estimate of a site's popularity. It helps us know our level and helps us grow while comparing yourself with your competitors. It motivates us as we know how far are we from our target. 


Why does alexa rank position matter??

Who doesn't wants good grades , similar is the case of rankings , everyone wants to popular , better than others. Direct advertisements these days on website's are priced and placed according to alexa rank. Better the alexa rank , higher the pricing of the ad placed on the website. 

How is alexa rank calculated??

The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to the site and page views on the site over the past 3 months.The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1.

How to boost alexa rankings??

These few points will not only remind you of your website's alexa rank , but also will help you to Improve them.

Boosting Alexa Ranking Overnight doesn't mean i can randomly change it , but obviously we can all try and boost them.(After-all it is a wise saying, try and try till you succeed!)

1.Add an alexa site ranking widget 

Adding a alexa ranking widget to your website will help    you , a mouse cursor moved over the widget is counted as a alexa view , this may just shake your rank a little bit.

2.Install A Alexa Toolbar

Install An Alexa Toolbar , again this counts , another alexa view comes up to your website.Try an get all of your visitors an alexa toolbar installed.

3.Creating Unique And Original Content

The More Unique and Original content , the more good and better will be the rankings. The more unique content , the more the users , this will eventually bring more traffic , thus better alexa ranking.

Refer - How To Create Unique And Quality Content

4.Getting Organic Traffic

Getting large organic traffic and repeated users help improve alexa rank of the website. Google search traffic is known a very good source of organic traffic.

Refer - Best Genuine And Assured Traffic Tips For Your Blog

5.Updating Your Website/Blog

Updating your website frequently helps attain a better alexa rank. Try and update your website 3-4 times a week.
This will keep your website updated and alexa rankings maintained.

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6.Guest posting 

Guest can help you improve your website rankings , Guest Posting on websites having alexa rank less than 100,000 will help you build a quality alexa rank.

7.Building quality backlinks 

Backlinks for your website will too act as a plus point, having backlinks with websites having high page rank will help improve alexa rankings.

8.Constructing Proper Meta-tags & Sitemap

Constructing Sitemap and ensuring proper meta tags are added to  your website will too help in increasing alexa rankings.

9.Getting A Top Level Domain

Getting a top level domain will eventually bring more traffic to your website , thus once again a better alexa Rank.

Refer - Benefits of a top level domain

10.Claim Your Website 

Claiming your website helps alexa to know about you and your website.

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