Make Money on Youtube With Micro Niche Channels

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Hey folks, today i will be explaining about how to make money on youtube with micro niche youtube channels. Earning money online is not a very easy task, but if you are determined and working on right goals you can eventually earn some good amount of money.

Youtube Marketing - Market Your Product Ninja Style

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Youtube has become one of the best ways to market your product through visuals and youtube marketing is a way by which help people know your product well and one can get in more traffic to your landing pages which helps in bringing more product sales.

How To Drive Traffic To Failed Event Blog

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Event blog not ranking? Don’t worry i have shared some secret tricks to make some money (not big money but some good bucks) from your event blog. Please note the tweaks shared below are only simple tips and may involve some blackhat methods as well, and if you don’t want to spam it’s not for you.

Drive Traffic To Unranked Event Blog

Last month i along with my friend planned to make a event blog on father’s day. We  started by purchasing a emd, wrote few articles, made a facebook page and started making backlinks in first 2 weeks.The event was in 15 days and we spotted that our ranking was not good and all the main  targeted keywords were ranking above 200th position, so we decided to purchase some large quantity of unique links and see how it goes.
After around 10 days of purchasing the links when we checked, we came to know that the links we got were poor, spammy and of low quality and we were not even ranking in top 300 for any of the keyword. With only 5 days left to the event we tried to rank our site with sitewide links and other methods but nothing worked in our favor.
That was the moment we started experimenting and tweaking with different things and we were able to drive highly targeted and quality traffic that bringed in $xxx.
Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Facebook Pages
Step 1) Use facebook to interact and invite persons from high cpc countries like USA & UK to your facebook page, if you don’t want to make your profile spammed make a new fb profile and add people from united states and  start promoting your page. Even if you add 50 friends and tag them regularly you will see likes flowing and some good interaction on your page.
Step 2) Repeat step 1 and make 4-5 fb profiles and start tagging and promoting your page.
Results we got were good to start and we had 6k good organic like on that page and started getting huge interaction.
Step 3) Create a new facebook page just a day before the event and promote it in fb groups, timeline and other facebook pages
Result we got were 700 organic and interacting likes.
Step 4) Optimizing everything for good results.
Step 5) Use #hashtags wherever possible.
Optimizing Your Facebook page                                             
1. Make sure you have a attractive cover photo and profile photo for your pages which is attractive,a good looking picture would attract most of us.
2. A good about us section wherein you describe what all the page is about.
3. Reply to all messages to increase interaction, reply with links and tell them to share your content.
4. Optimize your call to action button on facebook and make sure it lands to your homepage, we had more 400+ visitors from this button(Remember every small bit counts).

Currently the facebook pages are having 14k & 2k likes.
Results of facebook page :

Optimizing Your Event Blog

1.  Creating different content which users like to share and interact, i shared post like father-son trolls and crazy facts about father’s day rather than trying and sharing regular images and quotes as you are not ranking for any of the keywords and directly presenting your content with the users.
2.  Best ad placement to get good ctr.I prefer to place all three ads inside the post.(below the post title, center of post and  below the post).

One of the simple tweaks which helped us to boost our traffic was the use of these sharing buttons which we aligned to the left of the page.


Traffic From Facebook Pages

Simple Tweaks Results
·         CTR of >4. (Seems good to me)
·         CPC of 0.12  (Could have been more with good amount of us traffic).
·         xxx$ earning with adsense. (Always seems less, greedy me).
·         xx$ from Infolinks.

These days event blogs are hard to rank and most of them are penalized by google, but you still can drive some traffic and make few dollars so as in your time and hard work does not go in vain, if you like the post do share it with your friends.

Youtube Adsense Alternatives

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YouTube adsense account banned? Are you not satisfied with youtube earnings from adsense? Not to worry!  We are happy to help you, here is the complete list of youtube adsense alternatives which which help you earn from your youtube videos and from now you can monetize your youtube account which is disabled from google adsense.
youtube adsense alternatives